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Italian girls typically have olive skin that looks quite tan, curly brown or black hair, dark eyes, and a great ass. They cook beeter than anyone and are not only incredibly sexy, but extreemly intelligent.

Italian guys also have tan skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. most italian guys have great chest hair. they are gorgeous and they know it. No matter what anyone says is syintifically proven, everyone who is italian know that italian guys have big dicks. They are also extreemly intelligent and respect women more than many cultures. they like to marry italian girls because they need someone took cook like mamma did.

And just to clarify, not all italians are involved with the maufia. And no guys in italy EVER wear gold. EVER.
Guy 1: "Man, look at those girls. They must be italians cause I'm getting hard just looking at them. Oh shit, do you think they heard me?"

Guy 2: "Dude, do you think anyone with such a great ass has room for any brain at all?"

Italian Girl (In perfect inglish): Well, we would if our boobs weren't so big"

*walks over to her sexy italian boyfriend*

Italian Boyfriend (To guy 1 and 2): Va fa un culo! (Go fuck an ass!)
by io sono la piu bella! March 31, 2006
The most amazing people in the world form the most beutiful country in the world! Italians often have dark, curly hair, olive skin, and dark eyes. yes, i know, we are hot. we also make a kick-ass bowl of pasta. American guys get hard whenever they see italian girls and girls get wet when they see italian guys. Not only are we ridiculously gorgeus, we are the smartest people in the world (hello, do you think it's easy making ferrarri's?) a few tips ifd you ever visit italy: Everyone in italy knows how to make esspresso, so don't say anything if you go there and someone teaches you how to make it properly. also, i would advise to speak english only in private. typically, if you are in italy, you should speak italian. eat whatever they serve you, italian food is good, no matter what. Play some soccer with them, you may learn something. Eat as much gelato as you want, worry about it later. you are in italy. la vita e bellisima.
I know you'll have to go visit italy and the italian people now. Buon viaggio!
by io sono la piu bella! March 30, 2006
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