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tharms tharmz adj-

1. A discription of ones arms, that are thick with alot of gerth.

2. Someone's arms that are as thick and fat, that they be compared to the thighs, combining the two words together.

1. My arms are so fat they look like thigh arms, like tharms. tharmz

2. I need to wear a sweater to hide my tharms tharmz

3. My arms have surpassed being bingo wings, they are now considered tharms tharmz

Syn- thick, fat, thigh, arms

Ant- toned, fit, firm, muscular

Related- arms, flabby, fat, thick, thighs

Misspellings- tharmz, tharmes
by invisivel July 18, 2011
1. nippons- the state of obvious protuberance of the nipples, or when ones nipples are visibly hard, due to cold weather, friction, or possibly physical arousal.

2. nippons can be compared to a man's penis when erect, commonly called a 'hard on'
examples 1. wow, you must be cold, you have nippons nipp-ons

2. I can't wear this top, you can see my nippons nipp-ons

3. I get nippons nipp-ons when I rub against you

syn-nipples, breasts,

ant-bra, smooth, not visible

related-nipples, nippies, nippy, nipply

misspellings-nipponz, nipons
by invisivel July 18, 2011
grac-tion adj-

sounds like grack-shun

The words 'grip', and 'traction' combinded when both words and meanings apply together
1. I need tires with good graction for the rain

2. These skate board wheels have good graction for land boarding on the grass or dirt

3. I can run in these shoes if I need to, they have graction
Syn-grip,tread, stick,track, alterrain,non-slip,

Ant-slip, slick,slide, loose,

misspelled- grackshun, graksion

related-adhere, grip, tires, wheels, boots,
by invisivel July 15, 2011

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