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Someone that is irritatingly cheerful at ungodly hours in the morning. Loves the morning so much that it seems they must "wank off" to being awake this early. Can sometimes be condescending about how much they got done while you were asleep.
John: "Hi there, Linda! I got up at 5 this morning to watch the sun rise! I'm so excited to start my day!"

Linda: "That's great you morning wanker."
by intendedforadultuseonly August 16, 2011
Female, can be be a good artist, but usually just takes art classes and draws mediocre at best. Says shes the shit, and talks about all the obsolete people/art/music she knows and likes. Has excessive meaningless tattoos of cupcakes in visible places and piercings. Wants to be unique and not a part of the corporate scene, but works at mcdonalds. Sexually promiscuous, but calls other girls who sleep around sluts. Has had multiple STDs, smokes, drinks, does dope and in general doesn't care about her health. Can be extremely loud and obnoxious around her friends, but as soon as she's with normal people, she's quiet and shy because she has very low self esteem unless she's with others that are exactly like her.
Jane: "I didn't have time to do my homework for art class, I was too busy visiting my friend who owns an art gallery. He's so well known among my circles of only real artists. I used to date him, because you know, he's just so awesome like me."

Bob: "Wow, Jane, you're such a pretentious artslut."
by intendedforadultuseonly April 27, 2011
Dogtard, short for Dog Retarded, refers to dog owners that repeatedly do stupid things with their animals such as allow them to run out in the street off leash, or leave them alone in a car when its hot outside.
I saw another Dogtard at the dog park today. His german shephard started picking on a smaller dog and he just stood there, picking his nose.
by intendedforadultuseonly August 16, 2011
A man that acts like the woman in a relationship. Clinginess, presents, crying, frequent talks about feelings and where the relationship is going. Can be negative or positive to different women and in different circumstances.
Dave sent me flowers today for absolutely no reason. He must be going through a manmotional period since we haven't seen each other for a while.

Joe got manmotional about me visiting my male friend and started a fight with me last night over it.
by intendedforadultuseonly August 16, 2011
When an old woman wears bright red lipstick that bleeds outside the lines of her lips onto her wrinkles, thereby creating the appearance of a squished spider.
My grandmother wore her lipspider to Thanksgiving last year and I couldn't keep anything down.
by intendedforadultuseonly August 16, 2011

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