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backless open-toed sandal held onto the foot by thong in between the first and second toes.

More popularly called thongs, flip flops, zori.
hey carl, i was wearing my chonchos when i came over this morning, but i think your dog ingested them.
by intellektualspew November 16, 2007
To exert oneself so vigorously after a particularly sinful activity that some form of waste is caused leave the body. The purge of sin may occur immediately following, the morning after, or even after a longer period of dormancy. Considered to be healthy because of the typically delapidated state the body is left in. Body waste may be in the form of spew, piss that burns, poo, sperm, blood, scabs, tears, or hedonistic sweat.

In all cases, the body is undergoing a self-defense mechanism to purge large quantities of perceived or unrecognized sin so that the conscience is unburdened and guilt is absolved.
hey hub that cop cut me when he found out i got his wife pregnant. worst way to get the sin out, bro; i was bleeding so much i wrote a cuss word on the sidewalk.
by intellektualspew April 22, 2008
a post-modern combination of the words destroy and demolish used to describe the disintegration of an object, a person, or the mind.

can refer to the verbal degradation of a lamer or gaper, the obliteration of personal property, or the annihilation of sobriety.

"that dickhorn Jeffrey told my friends that my mom sold her poon to buy me new shoes, so i'm going to destrolish his life with my new claw hammer."

"hey Donovan come to the reservoir with us so we can get destrolished and huff gas!"
by intellektualspew May 13, 2008
1) refers to the mark or puddle left by a person when blood has been shed. Sometimes in the form of a blood trail.

2) refers to the debris left when an intricate little device has been smashed on the ground; ie: cell phone.

"oh balls there's a lifestain on my car door!"
"yes, Leon. I doored a preacher this morning when i borrowed your whip.
by intellektualspew May 13, 2008
-the maximum rage capacity of any individual or group.

-the peak party potential of any person. (AS HARD AS YOU CAN).
Lenny, you definitely hit your rage ceiling last weekend when you were smashing one stripper covered with blow on the glass table and pouring champagne down the ass-crack of her naked skank-friend.
by intellektualspew February 16, 2010
Waffle tee is the new name for the top half of long underwear (thermals). It's called waffle because the pattern looks like hundreds of delicious little waffles.

You can wear waffle tees huge like a tall tee or tight like a tight tee. Both girls and boys can wear waffle tees. Some people wear a t-shirt over their waffle tee like it's ok, but it's not 1998 anymore.
Ayo, I got this new waffle tee from Big 5, but I got the women's version because I like the color. Good thing I bought it XXL.
by intellektualspew June 15, 2010
downtown Scottsdale AZ on weekends is so heavily infused with girls who have rich parents that dress slutty and scamper across streets in painfully high heels. They never use crosswalks and they travel in large packs followed by a douchenozzle. There are tons of sorostitutes from ASU and twenty-somethings already twice-divorced.
I was trying to creep through the slut parade down by Scottsdale Road and a guy yelled "hey slut!" and the girl in my car was sending thoughts to the girl on the street (don'tturnarounddon'tturnaround) but of course the girl turned around like it was her given name. What a beautiful city.
by intellektualspew February 17, 2011

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