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The act of defecation. Taking a crap. Shitting. The Deuce is the noun for the fecal matter, and to "snap it off" is to excrete it.
Come on into the theater, I got the tickets!

Okay, but you get the popcorn because I have to snap off a deuce really quick.
by instrumentoffear May 18, 2009
A drawing or illustration done by one who is suffering from Insomnia and is bored to death. The pen finds its way into the person's hand and the next thing they know there is a work of art in front of them. Oft times these sketches are tossable garbage, but every now and then one is a real gem.
"Dude, I didn't know you could draw!"
"Me either, it was an insomnisketch."
by instrumentoffear May 19, 2009
Dissever is a different kind of rock/metal band out of Homestead FL. Originally formed by brothers Brian and Billy Jenkins, the band spent years trying out different vocalist, bassists, and guitarists before solidifying themselves as a four piece with Anthony Beaulieu on bass and Eddy Torres on vocals. Combining elements of classic rock, metal, industrial sounds, inventive song structures, and technicality. The band prides themselves on writing music they want to hear and what they feel works-instead of following the pack-allowing each song to have its own unique sound and style.
"What are you listening to?"
"The new Dissever EP."
by instrumentoffear June 09, 2009
A generality, used to cause abstract thought in those who experience that which is KevRo.
"Yo KevRo, can I have one of those 'Suck Up Art' bumper stickers?"
"What does the phrase mean, exactly?"
"Whatever you want it to mean."
by instrumentoffear May 27, 2009
To take from one the brotherly position previously given. To demote a bro.
"How come you're not at the Terminator Salvation premier with the gang?"
"I broke up with Christian's sister so he gave me a debrotion."
by instrumentoffear May 30, 2009
The name of what was once an art gallery in Pineapple Grove of Delray Beach, Florida, owned and operated by Kevin Rouse. The name is a play on words for Kevin, it is a conjunction of his first and last name. He currently owns a pub/art gallery where amazing live events are held called "KevRo's Art Bar".
"Where you going tonight?"
"KevRo's Art Bar, there's a huge show there tonight. You should come with!"
by instrumentoffear May 27, 2009
Delraydio is a live broadcast internet radio station based in Delray Beach, FL that plays classic and modern rock Monday through Friday and local bands Saturday and Sunday. Listeners can make requests and give feedback via the website. Delraydio, on some occasions, also has a live streaming studio cam so listeners can see the antics going on in the studio and see artists and musicians being interviewed.

Delraydio’s host, Larry Christman, is known for rearing his head at local nests such as Kevro Art Bar for their ‘Open-Mic’ night, or events such as the infamous “Kindness Festival” getting in touch with local bands/artists, his Macbook Pro in tow, for a live broadcast. He never misses an opportunity to get his feet wet, get out into the local scene, and be involved with his listening audience.
"What are you listening to?"
by instrumentoffear June 05, 2009
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