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When a married woman gives you a handjob with her wedding ring on
"Dude, you hooked up with the boss' wife?" "Yeah, she gave me the midas touch!!!"
by insizlane November 19, 2008
When something is both disgusting and delicious. You know it's bad for you...but at the same time it's so. good.
Even thought I can feel that triple-chocolate bacon sundae cake clogging my arteries, I don't regret it...it was disguicious.
by insizlane October 05, 2009
A party cardigan
Lookin good in that sexy pardigan bro.
by insizlane November 05, 2011
too smelly to fuck.
I was walking home last night and this hobo hit on me. He was actually kinda cute but 2S2F.
by insizlane October 16, 2011
rhymes with cuddle. The last cuddle before a flood hits.
Before that wall of water reaches us, let's floodle one last time.
by insizlane November 05, 2011
verb. to jizz in one's pants.
that cake looks so good that I just jiped.
by insizlane October 16, 2011

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