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scene kids or commonly now refered to as scenesters as well as the large ego and vanity share a largte interest in vanity groups of myspacewhich require general attractiveness, 1000+ picture comments and/or 2000 myspace friends, for example.
This subculture from the emo phase is aspired to by many youths, But the major rule on this subculture is the inability to call yourself a scene kids as the result causes one to then become a wannabe. so calling yourself scene is not allowed but many apsire to be scene without 'trying'. in effect another label thrown around to deny.
Scene kids are very opinionated and follow some form of art, and their dress sense orginates from that of emo with bright vibrant colours thrown in for shock value. the crazy hair styles are used to turn heads, males taking longer hair whilst females can vary from many back brushed types to 'dykish' types of the short nature.
they share a loothing of many people and come across rather arrogant.
They use other labels slang but teh use has beocme so frequent it is now their own, making the whole idea very ironic.
ryan: look at thsoe scene kids, probably going to rush off to myspace to take some more pictures of their 'angles'

tom: ryan you cant talk your a scene kid

ryan: no im not!!!!

tom: ryan did i hurt your ego

harry: tom your forgetting hes not allowed to admit. gosh

#scene #scenekids #emo #vanity #myspace #subculture
by insidelingo May 07, 2007
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