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Prostawatching. Driving along a known haunt for local prostitutes late at night, watching out for particularly old/young/ugly/etc. prostitutes, and just admiring the general quality and beauty that can be found in the local whore and their pimps. Counting is optional, but not compulsary. Bonus points for finding "ma'ladies."
"I went prostawatching with my mum on the way back from town the other night. We saw 15 prostitutes and 3 ma'ladies along Manchester Street!"
"Wow, what an awesome prostawatching trip that was!"
by insanityfish February 13, 2010
1. A male prostitute dressed up in female clothes.

2. A transgendered person, halfway through their change, working the streets as a prostitute to pay for the rest of their surgery.
"Did you here that Steve got it on with a ma'lady the other night?"
"He looked like a woman from far away, and had his penis tucked in pretty well... it was just as much of a shock to me as it was everyone else..."

The ma'ladies make money from both sets of genitalia when working the streets.
by insanityfish February 13, 2010
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