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7 definitions by inrialiti

Someone who doesn't like certain races. They can be extreme like the KKK, or even minor like calling somone the N word. They think their race is the best and makes fun of others. By seperating or picking out someone by their race, they are being racist.
Racist: "You probably cant get a job because your black, you smell cuz ur brown and you can't see because your asian. HAHA, im soo funny and creative."
Normal guy: "your just an insecure jerk with no creativity or morals. You think its funny, but thats just being a pussy by being racist."
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
56 20
an expensive jean brand. Most of their jeans look very nice and have thick stitchings. They have the horseshoe on the pocket as their logo. It is worn casually and is very fashionable.
Bob: "Nice jeans, they true religion brand jeans?"
Steven: "thanks, yeah they are true religions, i really like them"
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
20 7
A california-based clothing brand. They make casual wears and look nice. The price is reasonable and is known widely. It is owned by Abercrombie and Fitch. They look similar to american eagle or aeropostale, but a lot better. People who wear this are normal fashionable people.
Katie: "I bought this Hollister sweater yesterday for 70 dollars"
James: "it looks really nice, i think it was a really good buy"
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
4 4
a person who critisizes other and starts problems with other that they don't actually know. These people usually just judge others based on what they're wearing or the way they look. They think others are douchebags, and don't realize that they are themselves.
Douche: "That black guy is wearing Armani, he is such a douchebag, i bet he stole it and thinks he's cool"
Normal guy: "He's my neighbor. He is actually really nice, works at the grocery for a part-time job while going to university and likes to dress nicely."
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
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someone who unreasonably makes fun of others. They start problems and are not very nice. They tend to be self-centred and never really realize how much of an ass they are. All they do is critisize the things others do wrong and doesnt try to fix themselvs
Ass: "Bobby, your such a loser, why are you trying to help others with their work, don't act like a tool"
Bobby: "your such an ass, just dont ask me to help u next time. Why dont u look at yourself before you think everybody else i a hater. You think others always critisize too much"
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
1 8
Pussies tend to talk a lot of shit behind everybody's backs. these type of people are not respectible enough to talk to people in their faces and are not trus-tworthy. They cause problems by gossiping a lot and even making things up. They are afraid to do many things and are overly shy or paranoid.
Pussy: "that John is such a fag, he thinks he's all cool wearing Hollister, he also said he hates you"
John: "hey, why are you talking about me behind my back, i thought you were my friend. And i like Bob, i never said i hate him"
Pussy: "i never said that, i would never talk behind anybody's backs"
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
5 14
someone who finds the most immature things funny and makes fun of others and thinks everybody likes them. In reality, everybody hates them and wishes they would stop acting like a 10 year old trying to act cool.
Fag: "hey, guess what, ur mom, haha, ur such a loser"
normal person: "can you PLEASE stop acting like that, your 17 and doing things i found funny in elementary school"
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
3 76