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the dramatic sound usually in movies that sybolizes something bad happened or is about to happen.
a nasty surprise is coming her way (dundundun)
by inouluvme April 08, 2009
a fear of horses and some other hoofed animals such as donkeys and mules.
people who have equinophobia are scared to go near even near the most tamed horses.
by inouluvme April 11, 2009
a teacher that speaks chinese, some asian languge, or speaks english w/ a strong asian accent u cant understand her/him.
i told my chinkcha "i no speak chinese i speak english"
by inouluvme April 12, 2009
a three part book about how the world began and ended in the eyes of my friend while she was taking midol. (also how things came to be)
the god in the bibble is jiblet rice
in the righteous bibble it tells how humans were created.
by inouluvme April 10, 2009
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