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3 definitions by inkyviolet

1. Making amends through an email message, especially when applying the 9th principle of The 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

2. Saying sorry or trying to right a wrong through email.
"Instead of directly facing me and clearing things up, the jerk sent me an emend. He'll never make it through the program."
by inkyviolet June 07, 2013
to share links, especially self-promotional ones, in a flamboyant, flashy or navel-baring way to increase your "micro-celebrity" status in your social networks. A nod to the iconic Cher and her midriff.
Man, what an attention ho that girl is. Doesn't she ever stop with the chering?
by inkyviolet July 23, 2011
the state of severe sleepiness and lethargy and comatose brought on by eating too many donuts (or other doughy carbs like pizza, pasta or sticky buns).
Sorry, can't help you out, can't move. I'm domatose *nods off zzzzzzzz*.
by inkyviolet May 15, 2011