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The term ‘Priory’ was first coined back in 1934 back when France used to expel the lowliest, most deformed and grotesque males from their smelly French villages. These often pre-pubescent boys would then congregate in what was known as a ‘Priory’. Because all the feeble attempts by citizens of Priory to woo members of the opposite sex failed miserably, they resorted to anal experimentation. At some point after 1934 these butt pirates decided that they would relocate to St. Louis but keep their French traditions of loosing to any opponent and never taking a shower. As a result many native St. Louis-ins are currently under the impression that Priory is just a gigantic plot of government land set aside as a sanctuary for monkeys who have learned to wear pink polo shirts.

Uneducated Person: "Someone call Animal Control there is a smelly monkey out there loosing at a sport!"

Educated Person: "Thats not a smelly monkey you uneducated fool, thats just a Priory student."

Newly Educated Person: "Life makes more sense now!"
by ingoodhumor April 01, 2009

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