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A pretty boring dance song, hailed by SOME as the defining musical moment of the 21st century
<?> 2 people ;()!!!!!!!!!!
by informer May 11, 2003
Array Technologie's Inc.

a company that makes video cards.
rival of NVIDIA

built the fastest cards of last generation, seems to be behind on this generation.
9800 XT was the best card last year
NVidia got there ass wooped by ATI.
by informer August 12, 2004
Hailed by some as the other defining muscial moment of the 21st century. See 2 people
<?> starLIGHT ;()!!!
by informer May 11, 2003
something for spoilt fat children. the sweet revenge lies in them driving french cars
<?> my fat coke, my chips, my stub dick
by informer May 11, 2003
Showing you live in Brighton
<?> /me practises soft serve ;()
by informer May 11, 2003

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