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3 definitions by infolover

Repeating the same information (often BS) again and again until you have convinced the listener.
Dude, I like Erik but everytime I get around him he starts his information insemination routine on Amway. Wish I could castrate his product line.
by infolover May 10, 2010
The state of being so sick of the 2010 Census ad, mailings, workers you want to hurl
Dude, another Census worker came to the door. I am completely de-Census-atized at this point.
by infolover May 10, 2010
"Just about the sex." Although professing more, a relationship that never evolves outside the bedroom. Often one or both partners are in other relationships, but continue because the sex is terrific.
"She is a great girl but really its JATS"
by infolover August 05, 2009