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4 definitions by infinityx

the practice of seeking to gain favor by flattering, praising and/or brown nosing those in leadership positions i.e. employer, coach, administrator, supervisor, etc.

She didn't even notice me until I was promoted, now her constant compliments are nothing more than asskissery of the highest order.
by infinityx December 30, 2008
His blatant kissassery makes me want to hurl.
by infinityx December 30, 2008
a loser who copies everything from style of dress to mannerisms and spoken word.

an obsessive plagiarist who doesn't know how to be himself so has to copy the traits of all around him
Dennis dresses like the boss, talks like the boss and drives the same car as the boss, Dennis is very plagiaropathetic
by infinityx December 30, 2008
the compulsive need to copy another's words, actions, attitude, dress, avatar, or work. some sufferers use their disorder as asskissery to their boss, leader or significant other.
Bob tries so hard to impress his boss, dressing like him and going to the same restaurants, he seems to be suffering from plagiaropathy. He hasn't shown a thought of his own for six months.
by infinityx December 30, 2008