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the proper pronunciation is 'man' but some Welsh twats say 'marn' and they say it about 4 times in each sentence. Marn is used a lot by Bald Monsters.
Bald Monster : Yeah Marn, comin out tonight like Marn
Person who does not like him : No, I dont want to
Bald Monster : Come on Marn, it'll be cool as fuck like Marn
Person who does not like him : No
Bald Monster : Okay Marn
by infinity February 25, 2004
Phrase commonly used by silly Welsh people who have limited vocabulary. It is an easy way out for describing how good something is.
Cool as Fuck = Really good
Funny as Fuck = Hilarious
Smart as Fuck = Verry Pretty woman
New as Fuck = Brand New
Safe as Fuck = Good Deal
by infinity February 25, 2004
A male sibling
Brothers can be fun but also complete assholes.
They know how to ruin life for you, yet make it a ball.
Love them untill you can't love them no more and you want to beat the shit out them.
#until #them #brother #ruin #ball
by INfINiTY March 28, 2015
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