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4 definitions by infi

A (figurative) coupon given to someone who needs a clue. The user of this terminology is implying the recipient is clueless regarding the subject.
"John doesn't even know how to use an Ipod. I told him he needed a cluepon and linked him to the Apple site."
by infi September 03, 2007
To leave an internet forum or internet community, usually in a spectacular manner.
Joel123 couldn't handle all the insults from other forum posters, after posting a picture of his prom date so he decided to e-leave. He posted a thread wishing cancer on all the other forum users.
by infi December 27, 2009
Someone who is extremely gay.
Steve ready up for the COD2 war already! Stop being such a homofagual!
by infi October 14, 2007
the act of dogmatically following a particular point of view or repeatedly responding in a particular way because it is fashionable, despite its logical merit.
There they go jumping on the anti-immigrant bandwagon.
by infi January 23, 2006