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code word for nappy headed hoe...
Miguel: Hey Habib!

Habib: Aye you see that girl over there shes a napp....'

Shaniqua: What are you guys talking about?

Habib: nothing we were just saying how you were a nhh...

Shaniqua: Whats that?

Habib: (Laughing) It means we think your special

Shaniqua: really?

Habib: LOL! yea????

Miguel: She has no idea we just called her a nappy headed hoe!
by ineedabettersn2 October 25, 2009
The point that your hating so much that you are trying to control the person like as if you were Hitler...
John: Ummm... Miguel I don't think you should drive with one hand its kinda dangerous and its not a good idea... do you know how many people a day die from driving with one hand.. Use two, its better, normal people don't drive with one.. I think everyone should drive with two

by ineedabettersn2 December 11, 2009
Stands for Muslim American Prince..... Usually a young Arab born into privilege that comes to America and feels the world is his.... He's stuck up, arrogant, disrespectful, sarcastic and yet everyone loves him!! He's one of the coolest guys you will ever meet!

He is care free, unlimited money supply and always up for a good times. Plus everyone thinks he’s gay and in denial. He drives a convertible, and valet parks it wherever he goes. Major restaurants know him by first name and the club bouncers are his brothers in arms where they know which VIP table to book for him. He will take you out to the finest restaurants, and pay generously.
Ryan: Whoa!! Habib has a Bugatti???

Rebbecca: Didn't you know he was a M.A.P???

Ryan: whats that??!!?

Rebbecca: A Muslim American Prince!!!!!

Ryan: oh? cool! So did you guys use to date??

Rebbecca: no.... he doesn't even know me....

Ryan: Sad
by ineedabettersn2 October 04, 2010
Another way of saying Slurpee or slush... usually used by rich kids in Miami.
Stupid movie theater charged me 15 bucks for some slash!! Ahhhh!! I hate them!
by ineedabettersn2 September 27, 2010
Alternate spelling for the name Sharon.
Miguel: Aye do you know Sharon?

Habib: Who?

Miguel: You know Sharon! The girl in our class!

Habib: Naw not catching on?

Miguel: Sharon!

Habib: Oh? You don't mean Sharon, you mean Sheran!

Miguel: I didn't know her name was Sheran and not Sharon! Why does she spell it that way!

Habib: I don't know? Maybe her dad saw her run!.... Anyways now you know!
by Ineedabettersn2 May 20, 2009
Its a undercover word for negroes..... Used in front of black people without them noticing!
I'm tired of running into these worthless eggrolls.
by ineedabettersn2 August 17, 2010
Spotted the Gay! Used to say that you see a homosexual person......without them knowing.
Miguel: Aye do you see that guys hair over there?

Habib: Yeah it is highlighted and spikey!

Miguel: I wish I had hair like him...

Habib: Me too

(Homosexual guy walks buy)

Habib and Miguel: STG!!!!!!!

Habib: Good thing we said STG because if we screamed "GAY" I think he would be offended.
by ineedabettersn2 August 26, 2009

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