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someone who thinks that by acting indie, they will be cool. in reality, they are not cool, and never will be, no matter how "indie" they become. This person harasses all their real indie/hipster friends, trying to steal their ideas, style, and music tastes, when really, they get their music from the latest episode of gossip girl, buy their flannels from abercrombie, and refuse to wear anything but real gold jewelry (preferably with diamonds or from marc jacobs). this person probably drives an audi convertible, but keeps her fedora in view in the rear window to up her hipster factor. this person spends their spare time googling "how to be indie" or having their friends take indie hipstamatic iphone pics of them to make their profile picture. If this person is a girl, she probably spends a lot of time complaining about white girl problems.
That girl is so indie, look out her in that dirty flannel...oh wait, is that from abercrombie? Is she listening to fall out boy?? What a wannabe indie!
by indyhaterzz4lyfe February 03, 2011

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