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A phrase explaining that someone's not the smartest person in the world in a manner that's only slightly degrading.
We'll she's definitely not the brightest bubble in the bubble patch
by Individualite August 06, 2010
A phrase expressed after someone makes a fool out of them selves after professing their undying worth, or intelligence.Pronounced "Hum-bal-ie Dum-bal-ie"
Man, that guy was arrogant, but after taking a fall like that he just looked humbly dumbly.
by individualite August 06, 2010
A scottish terrier that is frickin' huge. It is for Scotties what Godzilla is for lizards. It's 'tote' referencing Toto the famous Scottish Terrier from the Wizard of Oz.
Dude look, it's a freaking Totezilla
by individualite August 10, 2010

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