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ok so i know there are heaps of definitions on here but they're not all true.

maybe indie kids are interested in indie/alternative music because the lyrics and the songs are more meaningful or they just like them more. but that doesn't mean they spend the whole day online looking for unknown bands

a lot DO wear vintage clothes/acid wash jeans/headbands/... but not ALL.
i'm not saying that if you do you're just fake
but if you don't it doesn't mean you're not indie

being indie is more about appreciating the music and being yourself. not caring what other people think.
and indie kids generally don't like people who are trying to be indie because it's becoming "cool"
you can see the difference between a real indie kid who's just being themselves and a wannabe
wannabe indie kid: oh my gosh one of my indie friends sent me a really awesome song last night.
indie kid: cool. who's it by?
wannabe indie kid: this band.. called franz ferdinand or something?
indie kid: that's not indie you know. that's just a mainstream pop song that was given the label of indie by the record company
wannabe indie kid: what do you listen to then??
indie kid: umm.. bonaparte, auletta, black kids, late of the pier,...
wannabe indie kid: ...?
by indiemink June 29, 2009

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