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ur an idiot bernie, go and nob shine sumones dik
bernie give nobshines to conrad
by incogneeto September 03, 2003
High crime, high tax hellhole which as someone mentioned is a perfect substitute for New Jersey. Filthy, ugly, drab, rude, classless people. Awful summer weather, lots of rednecks and blue collar crap, dangerous ghettos. For some incomprehensible reason the citizens think the Chesapeake Bay is the greatest natural resource in the country, yeahhhh right. Brown, mucky, mosquito infested bog is more like it.
Annapolis is way overrated, Baltimore is the ugliest city in the U.S. I vow never to set foot in this miserable state again !
Maryland is the worst state in the country.
by incogneeto September 21, 2005
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