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6 definitions by incatatus

Someone who has been 'holding in' a shit for a period of time, thus allowing the faeces to 'cook' or 'bake' inside their anus.
Usually occurring through lack of toilet facilities although some bakers have been known to bake for pleasure,fame or purely just the for the craic.
Dave:"You taking a dump later?"
Joe:"Sure am, I've been baking it for over two days now"
Dave:"lol I hope it hurts you filthy shit baker"
by incatatus May 08, 2011
the act of male ejaculation by someone who has rendered themselves sterile through wanking themselves into oblivion.
Dave can't get his wife pregnant, hes been shooting dust since 1983.
by incatatus May 03, 2011
A particularly runny liquified form of shit, leading to an unholy mess and overpowering stench wherever it has been excreted to.
Dave missed the pan and made an assmess on the floor.

Dave farted hard and made a terrible assmess in his pants.
by incatatus May 01, 2012
The dried semen of a black man often used in magic potions and valued in some remote parts as an aphrodisiac
Joe: "Have you tried viagra?"
Dave: "Screw that! i took some black man's dust and i had an erection for 4 days!"
by incatatus May 05, 2012
a state of mind achieved by closet trannies when they finally embrace being a tranny
Dave took a one way trip to tranny town.
by incatatus April 17, 2011
The penis of someone infected with HIV or AIDS
Peg: "Dave infected me with his deathstick, now im HIV positive"
by incatatus May 08, 2011