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a chick that is so depraved that the only way she can get off is by being aggravatingly fucked in her ass while she violently slaps her own clit or pussy, usually ends up to be a porn star.
James thought Jamie was a prude, but as soon as she broke up with him she turned into a pussy slappin' butt fucker. I guess she just did not like him.
by imwildyourmild March 06, 2009
When a woman's clitoral lips are so beatin' and battered that they start to turn a purplish brown color and wrinkle to the point that they look like a pile of thick cut lunch meat that has sat in the sun for a week or so; also tends to resemble the meat in smell
James thought that giving girls head was terrible, but that was because he could only pay hookers for sex and he had been chewin' on rotten meat mounds.
by imwildyourmild March 09, 2009
After a men ejaculates inside the woman, he then puts his face level with her filled vagina, she queefs, and sprays a combination of his and her juices into his face, mouth, and eyes.
James thought he was cool for banging that filthy stripper, but when he bent down to get his wallet she totally gave him a salty sea spray.
by imwildyourmild March 06, 2009
When a male and female meet at a public function and have a quickie, the male gives her a steamy cream pie, then in the midist of her complaints leaves without giving her a article of his clothing to clean it up with.
James banged a chick at the parade in the port a john and gave her an ass cream pie. As she screamed for him to give her his wife beater he said "Hell no bitch let that rotten meat mound wind dry."
by imwildyourmild March 09, 2009
A variation on the traditional cream pie but performed out side on a cold day, or in a walk in cooler at your favorite family eating establishment. The seamen has to be clearly observed as steamin' when she pushes it out of her vagina.
It was in the freezer at TGIF that James saw his first steamy cream pie, but he could hardly look at it because of the grotesque appearance of her rotten meat mound.
by imwildyourmild March 09, 2009

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