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A bad ass rock guitar that is the rockers choice
Dude my Les Paul sounds so huge through my Marshall amp!
by imurgod May 03, 2005
Bass player, founding member and composer for Motley Crue. A pretty weak bass player by any standards (he even admits it) but he is the Biggest name is rock.. the ultimate rockstar, the best songwriter and has influenced every band since. Who cares if he died? why would anyone mention it... in fact he actually died twice
1,2,3,4,nikki,6. Listen to Butch Walker or the Marvelous 3... Butch thinks Nikki is God and you know what? he is
by imurgod May 09, 2005
A city approx 3 hrs drive south of Rome in Italy. The warmest, most fun and prettiest part of Italy. The people aren't conceited like most of Italy. It is the birthplace of pizza and opera.
If you go to Italy, Napoli is definately a place you want to visit
by imurgod May 04, 2005
The most fearsome xbox live gamer, known to be deadly if provoked but usually too wasted to win and games.
IMURGOD is one bad ass mojo
by imurgod May 03, 2005
1 - A way to buy toilet paper
2 - a talentless fraud. A pretend gangster rapper who was followed by millions of lemming-like humans who had no hope in life and decided to side with a loser. He failed at everything he wanted to do and his name is almost forgotten as we speak. His fans are haters of all good music because the term music is foreign to them. Talking some violet shit over a drum beat and bass line is not music. Most rap is rubbish and the violent lyrics show signs of closet gayness. Also, most fans of this pretend criminal are violent and cant spell or speak English very well despite growing up in an English speaking country and use stupid made up words like "playa", "hizzouse" and other stupid words. Most rap fans will end up uneducated. 2pac did nothing for music of tis generation except pollute it.
2pac is forgotten. motley crue is a way better act and has outsold him by far. They have lasted 25 years and are still releasing music because their music hasn't killed them.
by imurgod May 04, 2005

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