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2 definitions by imthesean

To have stirred someones dirty porridge is to realise that you and your brother/friend have had sex with the same girl
'stirring dirty porridge', an emotional short story by imthesean.


1- 'Bro, me and Emma got it on last night'

'Emma from down the road?'

'Yeh man'

'But i had sex with her last week'

'O SHI-'

(3rd person) 'Baha! youve been stirring his dirty porridge!'
by imthesean August 08, 2009
18 12
That smelly kid whoes always around.

Any loser, geek, nerd or socially retarded person. usually has crooked glasses, and/or greasy hair.

Calling someone named Barry 'a barry' will lead to confusion from them and laughs are had by all
1 - 'come on mate, it'll be funny'

'no way, we'll get into trouble'

'god ur such a barry'

2 - 'haha did u see what barry was doing in the toilets? what a barry'

by imthesean February 24, 2009
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