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A southern cocktail made with any light beer and berry flavored Crystal Light drink mix. Use equal parts beer and Crystal Light (already prepared with water). Natural light is good, but you can also use any light beer available. Garnish with ice and lemon. Good cocktail for ladies, as you will not get sloppy drunk and you will cut calories.
Melissa: Hey Leanne, do you want to come over for some beerverages? I have the beer and the Crystal Light chillin' in the fridge.

Leanne: Oh yeah! That would be perfect, I don't want to drink too much because I have to have dinner with my grandmother later. I'll bring the lemons.
by imswtmelissa August 16, 2011
An exclusively Southern phrase that describes good common sense. Almost always used in the the negative form to describe an action that is silly, or lacking common sense. As in "any decent grits" or more often "no decent grits".
Me: I sent another text to the wrong person, AGAIN! I hate this phone!

K: Girl! Don't blame your phone, you ain't got no decent grits sometimes.
by imswtmelissa December 06, 2011
a Southern term synonymous with "gone nuts", as in when somebody is doing something crazy, or saying something that doesn't make sense.
Ciza Sosay: So the people who picking pecans on the side of the road are they Gone Pecans??? I'm just saying I respect the hustle but are they Gone Pecans???? Somebody plz let me know.... LMAO..

Leanne: LOLS
by imswtmelissa December 06, 2011

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