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When your FOBULOUS that means that you have far surpassed the normal limits of what a FOB is, although you are still well liked. You see being FOBULOUS is a compliment. Hell if your gonna be a fob you might as well try to fully BE YOUR INNER FOB to the max. When your a FOBULOUS, You are now such a fob that simply stating you are a FOB isnt enough. Your eat, breath, and sleep FOB. You are THE FOB of all FOBS. Your FOBULOUS son!
Omg Rahul your fobulous!
by imsmartbelieveme orelse March 04, 2005
a strange form of life. so far scientists are wary to approach research of this specimen, for fear of contagiousness.
"Is that a sabeen? Is it dangerous?"
by imsmartbelieveme orelse March 04, 2005

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