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An alternative to "please reply" in the world of text messaging.
1. Hey, the football game is tonight. Type on it.

2. I can't decide whether or not I should buy this iPod. Type on it.

by improviduto January 28, 2006
A hormone excreted in the female body that causes a women to want to quit something. The gland is found in the woman's vagina. It is the opposite of adrenaline and is something a guy does not experience due lack of proper biological equipment (i.e. men have balls). It is often used as a reason why women want to quit something before it ends or gets difficult. It is also often used as a reason why women get bored with or fall asleep during sex. It is purely coincidental that it sounds like "quit on me".
Her: "The Bears are winning by 30 points. Why don't the Saints just quit? There's only four minutes left, so it's pretty pointless to keep going."
Him: "That's because the Saints don't have quitamine, unlike you who's ready to just throw in the towel when the going gets tough."

Her: *Yawn*
Him: "Don't quit on me yet! I'm just getting warmed up! Damn you quitamine! Damn you to hell!"
by improviduto January 21, 2007
A suitcase nuke that fits inside a woman's snizz or snatch. It is short for either "snatch nuke" or "snizz nuke". The term was first used in the South Park episode "The Snuke". The snuke was located in Hillary Clinton's vagina.
CIA Agent: "Hillary Clinton has a suitcase nuke in her sniz."
Cartman: "A snuke?"
CIA Agent: "Yeah."
by improviduto March 28, 2007
Any holiday that is celebrated with a LAN party. It's often done on holidays when students do not have school. The acronym "LAN" is substituted for part of the holiday's name.

Examples: LANsmas (Christmas), New LAN's Eve (New Year's Eve), LANt (Lent), LANster (Easter), LANsover (Passover), LANzaa (Kwanzaa), LANbor Day (Arbor Day or Labor Day), LANoween (Halloween), All LANts Day (All Saints Day), Good LANday (Good Friday), Holy LANsday (Holy Thursday), Holy LANturday (Holy Saturday), Passion LANday (Passion Sunday), LANukkah (Hanukkah), LAN20 (420), LANxing Day (Boxing Day), LANsidents Day (Presidents Day), Fourth of JuLAN (Fourth of July), LANteran's Day (Veteran's Day), Cinco de LANyo (Cinco de Mayo), Dia de los LANtos (Dia de los Muertos), LANmorial Day (Memorial Day), Ash LANsday (Ash Wednesday), LAN Kippur (Yom Kippur), Rosh HashLANah (Rosh Hashanah), LANSgiving (Thanksgiving), LANentine's Day (Valentine's Day), LANada Day (Canada Day), LANhog Day (Groundhog Day), LANtoria Day (Victoria Day), Pi LANproximation Day (Pi Approximation Day), and more.
I always look forward to the LAN Holiday season. It's the only time of year that I get to gather with my nerd friends in my parents' cold basement for Starcraft and get pissed off to no end because no one can seem to set up the network. We never learn from the year before.
by improviduto April 04, 2007

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