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When a complete tool wears a shirt that's about 4 sizes too big and the sleeves are so long it appears he is wearing capris on his arms.
Hey, Joe is a medium but he wears a 2x, it looks like he has on a capri shirt man.
by imovecars89 August 31, 2011
the permanent effects of extreme long-term use of cocaine and/or crystal meth. Such effects include but are not limited too teeth clenching, jawing, rapidly moving one's lips, and jerking at random moments.
Yo, ya boy over there been snorting so long he got permageek. He shoulda quit a long time ago
by imovecars89 August 31, 2011
A slang term used by cocaine dealers referencing a half kilogram of cocaine. Can also be used to reference other drugs but mostly cocaine.
Ay dawg, we got a htown goin for 10,500.
by imovecars89 August 31, 2011

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