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Screwtaping is a term used in the world of internet forums. It is used to describe the action of bumping a particularly old topic thread by posting an ironic or humorous reply to a previous message.

It is not known whether the term refers to a particular poster, however the action of 'Screwtaping' is thought to have originated on the popular internet wrestling forum, Wrestlecrap, and since then has gone on to become a common occurance on many forums, wrestling and non-wrestling alike.

Many advocates of the 'Screwtape' phenomenon talk about the 'Art of Screwtaping' which encourages it only to be used sparingly, and in an ironic manner. A typical example would involve a thread where posters discuss their predictions for the world title match at Wrestlemania. A 'Screwtaper' would then reply to the thread weeks after the event has taken place, stating their 'predictions' which describe the eventual outcome in detail.

Over the years, this phenomenon has become more common to the point where now many posters will just 'Screwtape' a thread for the sake of it with no real sense of humor or irony. This has caused many other users to become highly irritated by these actions and as a result, several internet forums have banned the use of 'Screwtaping'. However, many users still continue to defy the odds and 'Screwtape' when they get the chance
Post 1: Made in Aug of 2005
Hey, I hear that Christian might be leaving the WWE... I don't think its true, he's just starting to get a push...

Post 30: Made in May of 2006
I predict Christian will leave WWE and become the TNA Heavyweight Champion...

That is a great example of Screwtaping!

Man, I Screwtaped a thread at WC yesterday, the mods almost had a shit-fit!
by imortalsanch May 29, 2006

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