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The act of getting ripped off or being tricked into buying things you have no use for.
Stephen: Man i just bought all these batteries for no reason. What was i thinking.
Mike: HAHAHA boy you just got radio shacked!

person 1: man that girl i just slept with was SEXY! what the hell wheres my wallet?
person 2: wow dude you just got radio shacked. Idiot
by imlaxin01 January 21, 2009
The king of all acronyms. Used mostly ultra sarcastically but sometimes used for excitement.
Benny: hey man were going to a white trash party later you want to go.

Mike: I dont know man, it sounds kind of boring.

Benny:We are grilling chicken and steak up.

by imlaxin01 September 09, 2009

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