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63 definitions by imkessel

especially anus crime: an act of stupidity so tremendous that only a criminally minded asshole could perform it (alludes to L & O: SVU opening, “In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated…”
Mark committed another especially anus crime when he stole money from his girlfriend's purse right after sex.
by IMKessel November 17, 2011
funk in the trunk: the smell of ass
Dude, change your shorts. The funk in the trunk smell like you shit yourself.
by imkessel February 24, 2012
trash some groceries - eating or using a large amount of food
Rich is willing go back to the store to restock if we trash some groceries after the game.
by IMKessel April 12, 2007
PORT - Permanently On Rag Time; a person who is prone to irratable emotional outbursts and anger
Watch out for Babs; she is PORT. She almost bit my head off for asking, "How's it going."
by IMKessel July 10, 2008
salad head - a person who gets off on tossing salad or giving anal lingus
I got off so hard last night with Alice the Salad Head. She jerked me off as she tossed my salad.
by IMKessel September 29, 2007
FoFO:Friends on Facebook Only; people with whom you have no contact other than on Facebook.
I haven't seen Betty since high school. We are FoFO.
by IMKessel January 14, 2011
pop off: an urban term used to insult a person, usually, but not exclusively, female, by applying the appellation of a whore
When La Quita walked in on her man with Precious, she called Precious a pop off and snatched up the girl by her weave.
by IMKessel June 10, 2008