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A 19th century-ish term for what is basically a metrosexual. A dandy, if you will. Usually high-cultured, well-dressed, very social individual who enjoys fashion and parties and prissy things like that. Perfect personal hygiene. NOT always gay, though often so. Often cannot actually afford this expensive, high-class lifestyle but somehow tries to live it anyway.
"What is he doing wearing that $200 shirt when he can barely pay his rent? Fop!"
by imighthaveknown August 20, 2005
People who have a weird phobia about shitting in public places, including restrooms. If they absolutly have to shit, they go to lengths to make sure no one knows that they have shat, which they always fail at because their guilty little faces lets the world know anyways.
"Oh god I just can't wait... looks like it's time for secret shitters again."
by imighthaveknown August 20, 2005
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