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A middle-eastern soldiers's war cry.
Commander: Fight this jihad men!
Soldier: Alalalalalala!!! *headshot on his arse*
by imfightingthisjihadtoo April 25, 2008
To be evil, hot, vicious, and loving at the same time.

Can be pronounced 'stemy', in comparison to the already accepted pronunciation 'steemy'.
That girl is so steamy that I wet my pants with two different substances.
by imfightingthisjihadtoo April 25, 2008
To be the or close to the best at one particular subject, affair, fight, game, ordeal, etc.

Can be prounounced 'bestly', in comparison to the accepted pronunciation 'beestly'.
He is so beastly at everything, that everyone voted him to become king of the universe and everyone will behold his rule.
by imfightingthisjihadtoo April 25, 2008
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