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2 definitions by imbaghdaddy

1:a person that usally drinks way to much beer, and or has too many women to name by name.
2: someone who cant remember who or what they did last night
1: that guy must be a Capuria!
2: have you ever had a Capuria night?
by imbaghdaddy October 17, 2010
1: a week person who gets a blister and crys like a little baby about it.
2: a small blister that hinders ones performance at work.
3: mistaken for a reason to show sympathy.
1: did you see that woster.
2: man he thought i cared about that woster.
3: sorry guys _____ couldnt show up today because he had a woster.
4: can you belive he wanted off because of a woster!
by imbaghdaddy October 17, 2010