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1. A nickname for a woman who finds it necessary to wedge herself into the relationships of others.

2. A derogatory term for a woman of lose morals who hails from Gloucester, Massachusetts.

3. Given name of Captain Wedge Antilles who flew with the red squadron to assist Luke Skywalker in destroying the Deathstar.
Wedge came to the party at my house and made out with my boyfriend...again.
#wedge #cockblock #slut #x-wing #heinous
by imanass August 25, 2009
A versatile expletive that can apparently be used as both a noun and despcriptive adjective. The word of choice when fuck or fucking just isn't expressive enough.
Wash these cunt dishes!
#cunt #c-word #chunt #khunt #vagina
by imanass August 28, 2009
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