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When someone or something desires the limelight only to wilt under the newfound pressure.
Like a Bosh, you thought it was gonna be awesome but you get it and it sucks, it doesn't do anything!
- The Basketball Jones
by Imadogg November 17, 2010
Stands for "Full Body Erection". When something excites you so much that it makes you stand up straight asap.
Oh shit that 360 dunk by Kobe Bryant gave me a FBE
by Imadogg September 08, 2011
The usual. The boring, boring stuff you do every day of your life that does not interest anyone.
Yo what's up?
The snoozual... school and work.
by Imadogg November 05, 2010
When Facebook is used to spy on someone by a parent, prospective employer, school, etc.

Taken from the name of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.
-I blocked my parents on facebook before they could zuckerbug me

-Dude why didn't you get that job?
-I was zuckerbugged right after the interview... they saw those pics of me wasted in women's lingerie.
by Imadogg October 18, 2010
a crazy person
you talk like an idiot you nutterball
by imadogg June 04, 2011
When you get a boner in anticipation of a good night or seeing a girl
wtf is that! we haven't even stepped foot in the club yet

ah shit i got an anticiperection
by Imadogg November 06, 2010

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