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Amalgamation of Chav and Cockney.
Cockneys are from within the sound of Bow Bells, chav being a word for working class person with questionable taste in jewellery and designer-wear.
That Lee Bowyer is such a Chavney.
by imac hunt February 16, 2005
I'm a cunt
Inventive pun and online persona of iMac Hunt.
When Timmy and I were at ICHS we had a Maths teacher named Mr Hunt. We imagined his first name to be Uruk Hunt or possibly Gray Dick Hunt.
"Why are you so offensive about everything and everyone?"
"Because imac hunt, obviously"
by imac hunt February 16, 2005
New Romantic.

A compound of the words New and Romantic invented by iMac Hunt.

The modern-day equivalent of Emo

That Gary Numan was a Newro.
by imac hunt August 09, 2006
Funntish: Amusingly vulgar

adjective :A compound adjective of the words cuntish and funny
That imac_hunt is funntish.
He's a bit cuntish but at the same time funny. He invents new words like this one but I'm strangely offended.
by imac hunt August 08, 2006
The spectacle that is the regalia adorning houses at Christmas.
A compound of Christmas and Chav
It mostly consists of lights and occasionally moving objects, waving santas, reindeer etc.
Mostly seen in the suburbs of Romford such as Gidea Park, Upminster and Chadwell Heath
Look at all those fucking flashing lights, it must be chavmus
by imac hunt February 18, 2005
Crude yet self-effacing pun AND Username seen on various UK-based Bulletin Boards.
For those who don't hail from Essex, as iMac does, it's a compound of I'm a cunt!!

The Original iMac Hunt is a renamed Keano, who got tired of the comparisons with ex-Man United leg-end Roy Keane, even after a different Keane had signed for Tottenham Hotspur.
That iMac Hunt is a fucking troll !
by iMac Hunt April 18, 2006
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