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cookie-cutter, tract, marked by uniformity of appearance or style
"Little boxes made of ticky-tacky" - Malvina Reynolds reffering to tract housing in California.
by im4392 September 08, 2006
A perfect woman; if you were to put down on paper everything you could ever want in a woman, this would be her. Paper princesses are (for the most part) urban legends.
She's got it all: the face the rack the ass the brains, great hair and eyes. She's a paper princess.
by im4392 June 13, 2006
Icky, to be blech; the state of not feeling well, or of feeling icky.
I was feeling blechy so I didn't go to school today.
by im4392 October 23, 2006
ticky tacky, standardized and attractively censored
"Is this too knots landing?" - Larry David Season 3, Episode 30
by im4392 September 08, 2006

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