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*#1 Architecture school in country
*Top notch Engineering program
*Good business school
*#1 campus dining in country
*Respected Football team (good at other sports too but it is a football school)
*No preppy dbags (like UVa)
*Intelligent student body (average gpa for class of '13 was 3.94)
*Alumni have the highest initial salary in Virginia
Contrary to popular belief (by belief I mean rumors spread by faggy UVa students) the student body does not consist of rednecks, VT doesn't take just anyone. The student body mostly come from middle class families and are generally pretty smart. They don't fuck animals (another completly retarded rumor) unless by "fuck animals" you mean "party like crazy".
Virginia Tech: Good food, good football, cool people, good academics, good parties, and lots of shool spirit.
In short, the place you want to be if you want to be successful in life while having fun along the way.
by im in miami bitch November 23, 2009

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