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A girl who guys can easily have a convo with, without thinkin about sex. she connects with them mentally and physically..

she do not open up to people often bcuz of trust issues.. does not show sad emotions very often but when she do they are very real..

someone who you can confide in....usually find good friendships in girls named amber.

she's a nice girl but dont piss her off or she blows up like a tickin bomb
i need a girl to be just another sher-lyn.

she has sher-lyn tendencies
by im da best July 26, 2009
used to express a need for oral sex, head, mouth, good dome, brain, etc.

often used to achieve pleasure from females on da kool.

mainly used by males, especially jonathan' s and big mikee's
let me get a shot of dat mizzouf.

Get with the program it's only head.

gimme some of dat mouth.
by im da best July 27, 2009
Usually A family of extremely athletic individuals, known for being good at sports, smart, and are beauftiful/handsome individuals. awesom cooks,

They are a cool down to earth family, crazy, very, hilarious, popular amongst people from their city. can handle their liquior
wow, they must be Woodards

dude i use to dat this woodard chick and she's smokinn hott, she got it all, brains ,body, can cook, and much more :)
by im da best July 27, 2009

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