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When someone or something gives you therun around. Usually is quite frustrating. Happens in the instance of a power play between the greater power and the lesser power. Outcome varies.
Louise on a cell phone with her friend:
"I'm not sure about this situation, I can't shake the feeling that I'll get dicked around"
by im'a grasshopper 2 July 12, 2006
An expression usually muttered under your breath after an uncomfortable experience. Refering to the experience itself. Can also refer to an individual.
Walking away from an arguement with a friend, Marisol expressed her distraught state with a quiet suckin' mofo.
by im'a grasshopper 2 July 07, 2006
a result of lots of hard work and study. The result of a nite out on the town with your boyfriend. Walking away from your favorite casino in Las Vegas during a winning streak.
Heard Bunny's going up to Vegas this weekend. Hope she makes out!
by im'a grasshopper 2 July 07, 2006

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