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2 definitions by iluvryan

Alternative nachos for a poor man, consisting of lays potato chips and mustard.

Love you Ryan
Hey man want some nachos? (Other) Ya man but we don't got the ingredients. No man, I'll split a bag of Lays with you and grab some mustard from the deli. Poor Man Nachos!
by iluvryan May 30, 2009
Either a) Finding inexpensive alternatives for everything. Or, B) Manipulating the system, or other people to get the best bang for your buck.
a) Is that two six packs? One of heineken and one of Amberbock? What the hell man just get a 30 pack of Budweiser! Wetternomics

a) You want some nachos man? (Other) Dude, we can't we don't have the ingredients. No dude, just grab some lays and mustard. i call them poor-man nachos. Wetternomics baby.

b) Hey man, want to split a sandwich? I made the last one so you make it this time. (Other) But, I made it last time and your gonna eat it all. It's fine man, just make it and we'll see how it goes. Wetternomics
by iluvryan May 30, 2009