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A breed of cat also known as the Sphnx cat. Requires an open heart due to its 'interesting' look. With barely any hair and very wrinkly skin, it looks like a naked mole rat with bat ears and feels like a warm peach when pet. Due to its lack of fur, it has a higher metabolism to regulate its body temperature. Upside: cat is very warm and makes a nice feet warmer. Downside: literally inhales food and poops 'like a boss.' A very good pet to have around Halloween! :)
Mojo was a very UGLY hairless cat:
Geez man, what is that thing?
It is a hairless cat, I think. Either that or something that was involved in a horrible microwave accident.

Sophie was a very PRETTY hairless cat:
Aww! What is that adorable creature?
It is a hairless cat, I think. Either that or an ANGEL!!! :P

*Based on personal experience, the beauty of these cats is in the eye of the beholder.* <3
by iluvmybaldkitties November 08, 2011

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