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A sexy blue-eyed boy with a killer smile and amazing laugh. He loves horses (typically arabians) and all sorts of other animals. He's an amazing person once you get to know him. Yet he endures a lot of gay jokes. Some think that in Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Casanova" she was describing him. In general, he's funny, and cute, but easily hurt.
Girl: Did you see Cody?
Guy: Hell yah, he seemed really cool.
Girl: Well, duh, he's Cody!
#cody #cudy #cidy #cady #cedy #haynes #sexy #cody haynes
by iluvbrady9 February 06, 2010
1.) A total country boy; who loves riding dirtbikes, four-wheelers, snowsleds, ect. He loves pimpin' out his snowsled and dirtbike; along with playing basketball, baseball, and soccor. He's extremely atheltic, smart, and good-looking. He usually cares a lot for the girls he dates. He has curly brown hair, blue eyes, and a killer smile. He's a real ladies man.
Boy 1: Dude, did you see that kid? He was sick out there on that dirtbike!
Boy 2: Well duh, he's a Brady.

Girl 1: Did you see that boy? What a Brady<3
#brady #brody #bredy #brudy #bradi #bradie #dirtbike #snowsled #artic #cat #sexy #charming #country
by iluvbrady9 February 06, 2010
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