2 definitions by iluv

1. a oxymoron, a person who tries to become gothic in order to fit in.
1. Night_of_the_crescent: Today I put on black make-up and black clothes and I stole my jewlery back from my parents.
by iluv December 18, 2004
real meaning: I owned you easily. Used when mimicking or imitating immature people who play video games and like to talk big.

People most likely to use this phrase are: Thados, JeffK, B1FF + many more.

Origin: In Blizzard's new MMORPG, World of Warcraft, a paladin (a class which contains many immature and unskilled players) named Thados dueled and lost to another player and then insisted that he had won. After numerals msgs claiming he "won" he used the phrase "I pwned you with easy".
Octavianicto has defeated Thados in a duel.

Thados: I won

Thados: I owned your ass

Thados: I pwned you with easy

Octavianicto: Okay, I believe you. *roll eyes*
by iluv March 02, 2005

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