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Zeta Tau Alpha is a women's fraternity, and is often referred to as a sorority. The women of ZTA (also referred to as simply "Zeta") are classy, witty, and pretty. They're the girls who you can bring home to mom, but can drink your dad under the table. Their colors are turquoise blue and steel gray. Their open motto is "seek the noblest". Their symbol is the crown and they are often referred to as "Queen of Greeks". At Illinois State University, they can be seen rolling deep into parties, coming in 1st place for most competitive events, and chanting "UH OH ZETA!". They've been crowning only the best women since 1898.
Fraternity Pledge: Man, there's this girl in my physics class whose so hot. She's classy, witty AND pretty. But I'm not sure what sorority she's in.
Fraternity Active: You must be new around here, she's gotta be a Zeta Tau Alpha.
by ilstulover July 22, 2008

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