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the third, and best in my opinion game of the elder scrolls series. it takes place in the province of morrowind (duh) and is the first game of the series that is actually fun and interesting. it has a huge fully explorable world, interactive quests, about 300 charachters, millions of monsters to kill, and myriad patches and downloads, some official most not. it can still be bought in gaming stores. Although the graphics leave something to be desired by todays standards, this is the game that the mighty bethesda softworks cut their teeth on before making fallout 3
It is very addictive and i can tell you pretty much any thing about it, having played it for like five years. oddly i like it better than the 4th installment, Oblivion. Warning- can be adictive as WoW, Halo, Half Life 2, or any other good game. User may suffer from withdrawl, so threat them with measured doses, gradually weaning them off, while talking in much detail about how good other games are.
Man, where the hell have you got to the past year? we thought you died!

Ah, iv'e been in Morrowind, and finally came back to school bvecause i beat it eight times, and the doctor said i heve to wear light-sensitive glasses for the rest of my life cause the computer burned my eyes.
by ilpuglasagna July 18, 2009

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