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The most gorgeous guy you will ever meet; tends to turn your frown upside down by just saying hello. Usually goes by Domi and lives in Belgium. Hes the one that all girls want but only certain few can get. He has a really good taste in music and his swag is on the point. He has gorgeous hair and amazing eyes. He really knows how to make girl feel beautiful. He has an amazing sense of humour and is always up for a laugh. Parties hard.Can be very shy, and doesnt actually realise how gorgeous he is and how much hes worth!
Dominick: xD ur so cute :P
Girl: awh so are you<3
Dominick: noes.
Girl: Yum Yum ;)
Dominick: shhh :$
#gorgeous #shy #amazing #funny #music
by iloveyoudomi February 19, 2012
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